I am Lost – Poem Reflection

Ruins FTU.jpg

I am lost.
I always will be.

A never-ending spiral,
Behind my closed doors.

The truth locked deep away.
The cold wind chills the world.

The sky cries ice tears of the fallen few.
I sit, tasting the bitter snowflake.

I lay calm as a stone.
Lost relics in my eyes.

Many seek, they fail.
My life soon in ruin.

Find me,
Find me.

Save me,
Save me.

They cannot.

          I wrote a free verse poem that describes who I am, I guess. The meter is rather loose but follows a short pattern. I wrote this type of poem because I haven’t had direction in life for a while, it feels like I am lost. It was from a prompt we did in class, but I have edited it to fit more of a concise, particular phrasing for the blog post. It is a nice reflection, I didn’t realize how unhappy I was until after I wrote the poem.

          I really love poetry, it’s one of my favorite units in class we have covered. The free flowing, without restriction style is my favorite. Mrs. Keskes has made this class a lot of fun and I have learned a lot about the different kinds of poetry. Poetry also fits with music, which is one of the main reasons I find it fascinating. Every poem can make a wonderful song.


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