About Me

My Dog, Molly

Hello (from the other side)!

I love to sing, help others and solve math problems, from Hartland. I’m here writing my WordPress “About Me” section because we are required to for class.

The things I love most in life are music, my dog and writing. I’ve been in the music program here all my life, and I really love it!

On week days, you’ll usually find me working after school or at robotics until 9pm. On the weekends I like to hang with friends and do extracurricular things for choir.

My idea of the perfect day would start with a day off from school with my dog. And then I’d probably binge watch 90’s cartoons. Later I’d have my friend Kurtis over. That’s important to me because we always have so much fun and laugh way too much when he’s over.

My dreams for the future are helping the world, having a successful job and being the very best, like no one ever was. So what am I doing to achieve those dreams? Well, how about 20 hours+ of robotics a week, for starters. And also, keeping my friends close. One thing I need to do more of is exist.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. At first I thought you said that your perfect day would start with school, and I was really confused but then I had to accept that. But then I reread it and I feel that’s a bit better 🙂 And become the best pokemon trainer ever!


  2. you seem like such a busy person! it takes a special kind of person to take on so many activities. remember to de-stress every once in a while!


  3. First of all, Molly is adorable. Second, your Adele reference is clever and fun! Third, I love how descriptive you were and how comfortable you seemed talking about yourself. Fourth, CHOIR! Yes!! And 90s cartoons!! Last, I look forward to knowing even more about you through your writing!


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